PhD Supervision

(Graduate Program in Political Science, York University, unless otherwise noted)

In Progress

Lori Crowe, "Pop Culture, Security and IR: The Militarized Superhero" (supervisor)

Neil Shyminsky, “Cultural representation of Peacekeeping” (Social and Political Thought; committee member)

Jay Joshi, “Security and the Veil” (Graduate Programme in Geography, committee member)

Abhinava Kumar, “Unravelling the Logics of Play: Videogames, Gamic Labour and Warfare” (committee member)

Bianca Biaggiarini, “TBA” (Sociology, committee member)


Chris Hendershot, “Sex, Guns and Rock & Roll:  Re-telling the story of Private Military Corporations and Global Military Violence” (supervisor), May 2015

Emily Merson, “Embodying Ongoing Histories: Self-Determination and Visual Art in WorldPolitics”, October 2014.

Ritu Mathur, “International Committee of the Red Cross and Humanitarian Practices of Arms Control and Disarmament” (supervisor), September 2011

Melissa Finn, “Theorizing Sacrifice and Politics” (committee member), September 2011

Lisa Williams “Media, Identity and International Relations: The Arctic on Film” (committee member), September 2010

Tina Managhan, ‘Disturbing the Peace:  (M)others, Biopolitics and the Question  of Resistance in International Relations’ (supervisor), December 2008

Cristina Masters, ‘Militarism and its Others: Reading at the Margins of International Relations’ (committee member) , September 2008

Ali Howell, 'Madness in IR: Therapeutic Interventions and the Global Governance of Disorder(s)' (supervisor), June 2008

Lisa Watanabe, ‘Securing Europe: European Security in an American Epoch’ (supervisor), January 2008

Colleen Bell, “Liberating Security: Governing Canada in the ‘Age of Terror’” (committee member), November 2007

Elizabeth Dauphinee, ‘Finding the Other in Time: On Ethics, Responsibility, and Representation’ (supervisor),  February 2005.

Kyle Grayson, ‘Chasing Dragons: Illicit Drugs, Security and Identity in Canada’  (supervisor), September 2004.

Samantha Arnold, ‘Wor(l)d Politics: Identity Practices in International Relations’, (supervisor), March 2004.

Martin Hewson, ‘Directionality in International Relations’, (supervisor),  May 2003.

Peter Nyers, ‘Refugees and the State in/of Emergency: Humanitarian multilateralism and the limits of the political’, (committee member), March 2002.

Marshall Beier, ‘Security Against the Hoop: Postcoloniality, Cosmology and Security Studies’, (committee member), January 2002.

J.  Kenneth Boutin, ‘Engaging Prometheus: Analysing the security/technology nexus in China and Taiwan’ (committee member), June 2000.